Emerge Product-Market Fit Academy

Learn how to find product-market fit and build your support network with the world's leading edtech and future of work operators


Practical insights to find product-market fit

The Academy provides unique access to interactive sessions with Europe's leading operators - we do NOT do webinars.

Six topics. Six case studies. One per month. Founders can join the programme whenever they need.

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From the world's leading operators

Our faculty are founders or product people from the world's most notable edtech and future of work companies. They have been there, done it and have practical advice to share on the most important topics. They have the toolkit and the battlescars they will share with you.


Through interactive live sessions

Open track

Join monthly 1-hour seminars with our faculty and other founders on how to PMF fit at your own startup. You don’t learn about PMF passively, you need to be involved. So be warned - these are NOT webinars!


Make new connections & learn how to find PMF

Members-only track


Join the community of leading operators and founders

Apply to join a community of founders and receive extra benefits in addition to the open seminars. This includes intimate office hours with faculty members, along with curated materials and resources.


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Why we started the Emerge Product-Market Fit Academy

90% of startups fail, and 30% fail within their first two years. From speaking to thousands of founders and investing in 60+ startups, we understand what it takes to overcome these odds. That is why we launched the Emerge Product-Market Fit Academy - to provide exclusive access to the experts, insights and community needed for early-stage founders to overcome the biggest barriers to finding product-market fit.

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